Inside The Tint Shop

"I've been building cars for 22 years and probably the first thing a customer wants is window tint. Everybody that comes to us says they want their cars tinted, from someone who’s a celebrity who wants more privacy to a guy who just wants a cooler, more comfortable ride. Offering tint in the shop allows our customers to get a taste of West Coast Customs on their cars. - Ryan

Enjoy a taste of West Coast Customs on your vehicle

LLumar window tint is the finishing touch on West Coast Customs builds. If you are in the Burbank area, be sure to check out the LLumar Window Tint shop inside our new headquarters. Inside the shop, you can learn about tint and paint protection film options. There are actually significant differences between tints not only in appearance, but in the amount of heat they keep out of your car.

Our shop is designed to let you see and feel the difference for yourself so you can determine which shade and performance level is right for you. Expert installers walk you through how they make every tint and paint protection film installation a work of art. You may even catch them installing LLumar on one of our latest creations.

The same LLumar window tint and paint protection film products are available through dealers across the country if you aren’t in the Burbank/LA area. Just like West Coast Customs, LLumar dealers are trained and trusted to professionally install the LLumar product that best meets your needs. Whether looking for a cool finish on a new car, a protective shield for the exterior of a modified vehicle or skin protection for everyday driving - look for a LLumar dealer near you.